Away In a Manger


We’ve all heard the real estate mantra. It’s all about location, location, location.

Years ago I played bunco with a group of church ladies. Bunco is fun. It’s easy; you just have to know how to count to six. It’s got the perks of food and possibly a prize at the end of the evening. You can even have the fewest points of anyone – you can be a loser and win a prize! I miss it: the fellowship, the fun, the food.

One evening while sitting at my designated table my fellow table mates started talking about their church building. The three ladies were members of the same church family which was constructing a new worship center. The discussion became a touch heated as cost and furnishings in the new building were being deliberated. One lady thought too much money was being spent. She felt the funds could be spent on service opportunities. The other thought no cost should be spared as this was to be God’s house of worship.

As the conversation continued, I knew what was coming. I knew the ladies would eventually ask me my opinion on the matter, and indeed they did. While mentally trying to formulate a diplomatic answer, I sputtered and stammered and finally spit out my Savior was born in a simple manger. So much for eloquence.

Ya could have heard a pin drop.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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