Epically Cold

On this snowy morning, I went searching for this blog and found it to repost here. I can’t say what sermon series we were in at the time I originally wrote this, but I’m sure it’s about letting God use you in his service … to Make A Difference. During this season of giving, I hope this finds you feeling blessed in your own homes and looking for ways to share God’s love with others. Let’s light the world on fire for him!

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

In case you are living outside of Omaha, Nebraska today, I will fill you in on a little secret … it’s cold today!  It’s not just cold, it’s freezing!  We’ll have a high of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and that doesn’t even count the wind chill.  Everyone has been talking about the forecast this past weekend leading into this cold.  I even saw on Facebook someone making fun of a weatherman who had said the coming weather would be “epically cold” and then joked whether the weatherman realized that he lived in Nebraska as we do have winter here.  I would say that these temperatures are pretty epic though.

So this morning, since `cold` is on everyone’s mind, I did a search on my e-Bible for cold.  And a verse I really enjoy came up.  It’s something from Revelation that I’ve read before but isn’t one of those verses that’s referenced…

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