Shepherds – A Second Look

Yes, Jesus’s birthday is past, but I been thinking about those guys in the fields. You know the shepherds. As I read and re-read St. Luke’s account I have formed a different opinion about these men, perhaps young boys. And you know what? Every verb describing them is action.

Living in the fields

Keeping watch over their flocks

They were terrified when the dead of night exploded with angels singing

Their first response may have been terror, but their first words were, “Let’s go! Let’s see!”

They hurried off – no stroll in the moonlight for these guys

They found the Christmas family

nativity blue

They spread the news and people were amazed

They returned to their fields glorifying and praising

Perhaps they were simple men, but nothing was slow or simple about their actions.

They met Jesus.

They made friends.

They made a difference.

Can I do any less?

Blessings as you ponder what a faith statement this can be for your life!



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