Dinner Reflections

Long day, hurried, chaotic; work was demanding. I chose to stop and eat, “take five”, a breath – whatever and God blessed me with quiet assurance that in the craziness there can be calm appreciation. Dining alone is an experience¬ that I continue to work on. Several years ago I chose to take a friend’s advice. “Have a meal out, carry along a book; read, take time to enjoy the food – just for yourself.”  What I observed that long ago evening saddened me. A family of four seated at a table, absorbed in their electronics – laptops, games, notebooks, phones not conversing – sitting together, but separate.

Skip to the present. An early evening before others arrived, there were only three tables occupied in the small area. I ordered, took my time, turning the pages in a new bible study, making notes, drinking coffee, nibbling on bread and observing as the room slowly filled.

A family sat directly across from me and they were not only sharing the meal, they were sharing their day. The daughter, book at her fingertips pointed while her father tipped his head nodding in agreement, offering a comment. The son also leaning forward was sharing, while mom looked on smiling. Something whispered and then quiet laughter erupted. Communication.family1

A waitress who remembered me chatted briefly – another shared connection. I closed my eyes and listened to the hum – lives intersecting – participating – responding. God’s reminder to me that in a world, January dark, cold and wet, there was warmth before me over simple food and conversation.

Life; you can be a part of it, or you can be apart from it. That night was a nudge for me that God created us for relationships. I just need to observe and thank God for the opportunity to see this world in a different light. I am the light of the world. John 8:12
Lord, thank you for your creation. Help me to search for the positive and see the beauty of life that you have designed.


Blessings as you seek the Light. Doneta


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