And then the snows came…

If you could eavesdrop on my conversations with God (yes I talk to Him all the time), you’d catch this scenario regarding the last February storm. “You know Lord this winter thing is okay, except for the ice, the cold and the snow it was a great season you created.”

It is no secret that I dislike cold, but God in His infinite wisdom gives cold and warmth, sunshine and gray days. They are both a part of my life, but how I perceive them and respond that is the difference.

A snow day, work and school cancellations, impossible travel, but I am up early viewing my drive and the streets blanketed by falling flakes. I make coffee and sit doing devotions and ponder God’s gifts. If I am honest I struggle to say thanks for the foot of snow, but that is on my mind as the wind dies down and I head out to a sea of white. Too heavy for my little snow blower, I lift my shovel, “I am a farm girl. I can do this.”

My neighbors are out, we wave and nod beneath stocking caps and mufflers. We’re almost finished, huffing, panting, sweating, and I voice in my head, “Okay Lord I admit it is hard to be grateful for this.” I stop and look about me. “Well Lord, the temp is above freezing. The wind isn’t blowing.” Leaning on my shovel I catch my breath as a neighbor comes over with a large snow blower to clear the end of my drive. It’s well over two feet deep there. Walking over I extend a gloved hand, pat him on the shoulder. “No problem. Glad to get out and help.”

Job complete, we go together to help the couple next door. Snowfall, physical exertion, smiles and puffs of cold air, aching muscles I hear the young sons asking, “When we’re done, can we build a snowman?” A father responds with a tired smile, “Sure boys.”

Thank you Lord. Life is not about the easy and sure. It’s also about cold and harsh – complete with friends who help each other through. I think I hear birds – a reminder – Spring is coming!

snow drift

Blessings as you contemplate the blessings within the struggle.
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. Ecclesiastes 4:9


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