A New Thing

Feb2016Those of you who have been following my blog know that I’ve recently moved. My heart goes out to all of you who have moved recently and/or often! It’s been so long since I’ve dislocated, er, relocated, that I didn’t even think of needing to take time to explore the new city. After all, I’ve been visiting here for years. I discovered visiting and living in a place are two very different things.

Such a learning curve; first question being, “How do you get there the back way?” (Meaning: less traffic and stop lights.) There are so many changes when one is doing a new thing. For me and the move, some of those changes have been: trying not to look out my windows multiple times a day searching for birds, (I’m in the city now; my blinds should be closed, right? Pretty sure the neighbors think I’m strange already!), getting used to streetlights shining in my bedroom windows, (refer to No. 1–close the blinds!), not having to drive 30 minutes to get somewhere, (everything’s so close!) and finally, the joy of living close to at least a couple of the grandchildren (those littles can always cheer me up!).

Some people don’t handle change well. Some? How about most of us? One furry member of the family was so stressed out the day of the move that he completely flipped out after finally settling on a familiar, mama-smelling bedspread. That flipping reaction led to another change: locating an emergicare closeby. Some people get kind of growly. They have difficulty acclimating to the new routine, the new normal. (Thankfully, they don’t usually bite others.) I would guess that many people become depressed, either momentarily or for a longer period of time. It’s difficult to be away from the familiar. The trusted. The known. I know that feeling well. (“I have no friends”/”nowhere to go”/”nothing to do”/”my life is over”/”take me home, Lord”.)

It’s been two weeks today since we moved into the little gray house on Sioux Street. The boxes are unpacked. Well, the necessary ones, anyways. The others will just wait in the basement until it’s their turn…say, a year or two from now. I’m finally feeling like I’m reconnecting with my Father after being crazy busy with all of the things involved in making a move these days. I missed those times with Him, and I’m so thankful that He waits patiently for me to reconnect. I’m looking for a church home, terribly missing my friends, the worship, the staff and the messages back at BSLC. I definitely know I will be coming to visit, but I also sense God leading me to a new place, to do a new thing here. No idea where or what that might be, but I’m confident that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it!

I am especially thankful for those of you who have kept me and my family in your prayers during this time of transition. The body of Christ, interceding for others through the mighty name of Jesus is indeed a wonderful thing!


P.S. Be blessed by the One who loves you more than anyone in the whole wide world–your Advocate, your Redeemer, your Lover, your Healer, your Protector, the One who does a new thing in your life, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day!



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