Calamity Jean

Calamity Jean

While sitting in the St. Petersburg airport last month, I started chatting with the lady next to me. We were (im)patiently waiting for computer glitches to be fixed, so our flights wouldn’t be delayed too much longer. She shared that her daughter was a school teacher.

This led to discussion of the big storm/blizzard forecast for Nebraska during the upcoming week. I told her my husband and I both worked in a school and looked forward to snow days. She informed me that her daughter’s school district called them “calamity days”.


HA! You ever had a calamity day? You know one of those where you can’t find your keys; you slip on the ice; work day drags; you argued with the kids or your husband (or both) that morning – you have no idea what’s for supper, someone drank all the milk, the dog threw up a hay ball in bed (not too visibly appealing), you left the grocery list at home, your team lost, you forgot to pay some bills – go ahead and supply your own calamity.

Yes, these calamities are minor; no disaster or great misfortune was suffered. My pity party is hosting a lot of whining and complaining. Guest list of one: me.
What’s the answer to relieving stresses? It’s simple. Call on my Stress Buster.

Look around at all the blessings God has given me. Enjoy the fact that with His help I can endure any calamity (major or minor). Celebrate the friendships I cherish which carry me through tough times. Enrich myself in His word to remind me these calamities are temporary…the best is yet to come. Practice self-control (a.k.a. discipline with dignity). Count to ten. Breathe.

Let God be God.

Calamity Jean


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