My Closet

My present evening bible study “Divine Design” covers our wardrobe choices – the hits and misses with the spiritual makeover emphasis that the God who created me is far more concerned with how I clothe my character. To quote “He loves us just as we are, but He desires a makeover miracle in our hearts.”

Ephesians 4 covers “put off our old self, which is corrupt…and put on the new self, created in the likeness of God”. What struck me in our discussions was that this was a change of attitude. It could not be “well I’ll toss this aside and just pull this on”. No if my makeover is to be complete I need to be purposeful.

We’re talking: anger, lies, petty speech, bitterness, rage control and it needs to be replaced, not simply to be covered with another layer. For me what’s comfortable is predictable, but God calls me out to reflect Him, not me. I need understand it is with His grace and strength I can throw out the scarred, the grimy the well-worn old attitudes and fill my closet with robes of righteousness, service, peace, calm, joy and encouragement.

So….with an intentional attitude, when I begin my day I am going to picture hangers full of God’s armor – power and strength (Ephesians 6), clothing hooks complete with truth and a gospel of peace and a hat tree equipped with a shield of faith, topped with a helmet of salvation.

Life is not about the comfortable and what the world thinks of me. It is letting go of the control and submitting to God – and it is a daily decision. Most often my Savior challenges me with those zones of discomfort because He knows too well the daily battle and grind is where I meet evil face to face. I cannot throw my spiritual garments on at the last minute. I need to plan that wardrobe out beforehand knowing my God gives me that grace and strength to define who I am in Him.Armor

Lord, guard my heart from forgetfulness, my mind from unfaithfulness and my life from a thoughtless attitude. Renew me and clothe me with your spirit. Amen
Blessings. Doneta


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