Make a joyful noise

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I have long reasoned that I grew up in the wrong era.

Born and raised on a dairy farm life was simple, but when I think back, my rural roots were immersed with music. Hymns, choir and organ on Sundays were balanced by mom’s love of Strauss waltzes and the Mantovani orchestra. Flavor that with my dad’s country preference (think Marty Robbins) and polkas and then toss in my older brother’s introduction to the classical – Beethoven, Wagner, Haydn (yes there was some swing and Beatles tunes also) and you have my eclectic background.

So what do I favor? Jazz, some blues (30’s – 40’s) – where did that come from? I don’t know except I have always enjoyed that genre. Why wasn’t I born in that time frame? It was a remarkable musical period and my sighs of regret were met with my mother’s admonition, “Don’t romanticize it Doneta. That was a difficult era. You may have liked the music, but for a female life was not easy.”

I listened to her recount an early life; not many possibilities; being married at 17 with dad in the Navy, then working the farm after the war raising five children. Even though she often told me that she would never have changed that, those years were certainly not always with the choices I had growing up and far from the opportunities I have been given today.

Those limited thoughts and ideas of a long ago time period made me pause and consider would I trade that for where I am today? God gave me my parents who shared their childhood, background, work ethics and love of numerous blessings (music being one). It shaped me who I am now.

Why do I wax nostalgic about the past? My focus should be here and the gifts I have been given. I am in the present with tools, dreams, opportunities that my parents as married teenagers could never have imagined. God knew exactly where He placed me. My memories and history allow me to build upon where I am today.

Forgive me Lord. You knew exactly where to place me. I am not in the wrong time period. I am here and I am blessed – and I am yours!

Isaiah 43:1 (He who created you)…”Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”

Blessings, Donetamusic


One thought on “Make a joyful noise

  1. You nailed it again, Doneta! I need reminders to live in the now and be present too! Focusing on the present, mindful of the future!
    Thankful for your faith which leads me in the right direction,

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