Take Me Out to the Ballgame…….Or Don’t

The College World Series has returned to Omaha, Nebraska. The Boys of Summer play hard and smart throughout the season on the Road to Omaha. I salute their athletic talents and the accomplishment of jobs well done. The city reaps economic benefits; out-of-staters make lifelong friends. Youngsters and oldsters cheer for their team while watching the games either on TV at home or at the stadium. This year I’m not cheering.

This summer my daughter who lives in Florida was bringing the Florida native boyfriend home so he could experience the Series and discover for himself that indeed, “There is no place like Nebraska.” She had told him she couldn’t answer THAT question until he talked to her Dad. They were in love and ready to seal the deal and start a future together.

But then…………..he was killed in a motorcycle accident. I actually wonder why I am writing this; I am bawling like a baby. My heart aches for my baby girl. I never met her young man. I knew she loved him, yet she didn’t seem to have him on a pedestal. She told me she had three princesses in her life: her dog Archie, her man and her Dad. Now she’s down to two.

God has blessed my angel (named Angela) with an enormous support group in Florida. She, her friends and her young man’s family are grieving together. It will take a long time for a new normal, a new routine to be established. I pray for her nightly. I also pray for his Mom. I am selfish and I thank God my daughter was not on the bike with her son. I pray I never suffer the loss she is struggling to endure.

I suppose I could write about God losing his son on a cross. But I’m not going to do that. I am just going to grieve and cry and try not to play the “Why?” game. As my husband told my daughter during a phone call, go ahead and get really, really angry with God. He can take it. With the help of friends and prayers to God above, and maybe a visit to a Pastor or a session with a counselor/therapist, someday I’ll be able to take it. It just plain hurts to hear the pain in my daughter’s voice.

Maybe what grounds me during this time is the shortest verse in the Bible – John 11:35 – Jesus wept.


In His Steadfast Grip,

Jeanie Shank


2 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame…….Or Don’t

  1. Very good blog! I think those that love Angela are really hurting bad for that young sweet girl and we want to do something for her but all we can do is to tell how much we love and that we will pray for her! Please God take extra care of this precious child of yours.

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