What’s in a Word?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet was the quote from Shakespeare. Regardless of what name we give the flower, the fragrance is defined by what it is not what we call it; but oh the difference in words, or adjectives for that matter. A recent devotion was titled “Like a Child”. … Continue reading

My Mother’s Flowers

My Mother’s Flowers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I scrolled through social media seeing so many pictures of my friends wishing their mothers and being wished by family a blessed day … spending time with their families … getting flowers or gifts … smiling.  I had an absolutely wonderful time with my own family.  But there was something missing … Continue reading

Make a joyful noise

I have long reasoned that I grew up in the wrong era. Born and raised on a dairy farm life was simple, but when I think back, my rural roots were immersed with music. Hymns, choir and organ on Sundays were balanced by mom’s love of Strauss waltzes and the Mantovani orchestra. Flavor that with … Continue reading


In a recent sermon Pastor Elliott highlighted three tools to use when overcoming temptation. Each tool addresses actions a Christian can implement when fighting the devil and his lures, his schemes, his deceptions. 1. Pray. When God has your back, when you let him lead you, when you “lump and dump” on his shoulders, your … Continue reading

If We’re Honest

I haven’t written in a while. I have been holding back my thoughts and feelings. I’ve crumpled them up in to a messy, ball and stuffed them deep inside my chest. Today my counselor told me to be honest, but how will you receive it? Do you really want to hear it? Many of you … Continue reading

The Hammer

The Hammer

I was so excited this weekend to finally have the time to hang up a couple things in my office that I have been putting off.  I grabbed the tall ladder, my hammer, and nails and went to work.  Finishing one picture, I laid the hammer on the paint tray attached to the ladder near … Continue reading


An early evening; long work day, extra hours, short staffed I was tired. Home now and needing fresh air I stepped outside and walked my lawn. Picking up random twigs I noted leaves to be raked, grass that needed re-seeding (probably should have done that last fall) and bushes requiring a trim. Mentally marking the … Continue reading