Lights – Camera – Action

I sometimes wonder if the neighbors two doors down put Christmas lights on their backyard trees anticipating how much my husband and I would enjoy looking out our deck at them. The snow covered white lights are so sparkly at night; it’s gorgeous. I also wonder why Grissom (a character on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) … Continue reading

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done

In the past month several people who I know people who have had their lives dramatically changed, as well as many people across the nation and the world. Personally I have experienced the pain of losing a close friendship, the death of a friend from church and watching my health get worse and worse. Each … Continue reading

Share the Light

Share the Light

I can’t remember the last time that I woke up to good news.  Shootings, killings, terrorism, hatred, sadness … darkness.  I stop and wonder sometimes what is happening in this world that we are living in?  What will things be like as my son gets older?  What will my grandchildren wake up to one day?  … Continue reading

Hearing God’s Voice

The third week in June saw me making my annual trek to Niobrara State Park. Love, love, love this time for its simplicity. It is the time to slow down, the opportunity to share with family, the moments of appreciating my Creator. The four hour drive takes me through areas of the state that I … Continue reading

Crazy Horse Part 2

The beginning of June I participated on a road trip to South Dakota, which I blogged about 2 weeks ago. I am living proof that one can survive winding mountain roads in a Tahoe with five other females and survive all the hormones! Seriously the journey was a learning experience of shared struggles, hopes and … Continue reading